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We offer a variety of classes at our studio starting with beginners through adults.

Pre-Ballet Classes (age 4-8)

Expect students to be at this level for 1-3 years depending on the age they start.

4 & 5 year-olds not yet in school should be able to stay focused and have proper classroom manners. Students 7-8 years old are encouraged to attend class 2X per week which may help them prepare quicker for Level A.

Pre-Ballet focuses on natural body movements while introducing basic classical ballet technique. Students learn body parts as they gain body awareness, flexibility, & coordination. In addition to technique, lessons include following directions, musicality and staging cues. Students develop poise and self-confidence as they are encouraged to always do their best and feel themselves improving.

Students learn 3 positions of the feet (parallel, 1st and 2nd) and 4 positions of the arms used in classical ballet. The focus is on feeling legs straight, feet pointed and good torso alignment while they skip, gallop, ballet walk, polka, triplets, jump and leap. They are familiar with plié, relevé, tendu from 1st and are able to balance on one leg in various positions. Some of the other steps and positions include passé, grand battement, sauté in 1st and 2nd positions, échappé  (jumping from 1st – 2nd), bourrée, and reverence.

Ballet Level A  (Ages 8 – 14) 

Recommended: Attend Class 2X per week

  • New students Ages 8–14 (3rd – 9th grade): No previous formal ballet training
  • KBA students Ages 7-8 (2nd grade): Successful completion of KBA Pre-Ballet Level

Students are at this level for 1 – 2 years.  Students learn correct placement of arms, legs, feet and torso. They will begin to develop turn-out from the hips as they correctly execute the technique. Strength, flexibility, coordination and musicality are taught while developing body awareness.

Students will know how to correctly stand in the positions of feet (parallel, 1st, 2nd, 5th) and how to hold their arms as they move thru 4 positions.  They will develop a solid plié, strong relevé, and perform tendu correctly using the foot and ankle. They learn how to work on their turn out from the hips. They will be familiar with the following terminology and movements. Natural movements: Gallops, skips, emboîté, spring point jumps, ballet walks. Barre work:  tendu, dégagé, soutenu, coupé back, sur le cou de pied, retiré (2 positions), attitude front, 1st arabesque, ronde jambe (par terre ½ circles) frappé, grande battement. Center work: weight shifting with tendu combinations, sauté in 1st and 2nd, changement, échappé, sauté arabesque, balancé (waltz), bourrée, spotting practice to train for turns,  chaînés turns, piqué to sus-sous, and balancing in various positions.

Ballet Level B  (Ages 9 – 16) 

Recommended: Attend Class 3X per week

  • KBA students ages 8-15:  Completed Level A
  • New students ages 9-14:   With 2-3 years of ballet and knowledge of Level A

Students are at this level for 1 – 2 years. Students attend 2X – 3X a week. Level B reinforces the foundation established in Level A. Students will review those concepts presented in the Level A syllabus and continue to improve their ballet technique and turn-out and they learn more steps.  Movements and steps are taught on their own and with simple combinations. Coordination of arms and head with movement and use of épaulement is begun. Increased emphasis is on balancing, flexibility of legs with extensions, and ankle strength is developed using repetitions in relevé. Turn concepts of pirouettes from 2nd and 5th positions are emphasized before pirouettes from 4th position is introduced. Chaînés and piqué turns are given with emphasis on spotting and proper placement. Students will be work on pas de bourrée, pas de basque, pas de chat, glissade, and simple petit allégro combinations including changement, soubresaut, échappé and assemblé , jeté and sissonne simple. Across the floor combinations using grand jeté and tour jeté will develop musicality with spatial awareness.

Ballet Level C (Ages 10 – 16)

Recommended: Attend Class 2X per week

Attend Class 3X per week for Pointe Program

(Pointe Class is separate)

  • KBA students ages 10 -16   Completed Level B
  • New students ages  10-14: With 4 years of ballet knowledge of  Level B

Students are at this level for 1 – 2 years. Students attend 3X a week plus pre-pointe/pointe classes. Level C starts more complex combinations of exercises with the coordination of the head and arms. Musicality and timing is emphasized and faster footwork is practiced. Turns from 4th, consecutive turns and fouetté turns are given. Petit allégro includes steps with beats such as entrechat trois, entrechat quatre and brisé. There is a longer adagio for balance in the center and longer combinations to train memorizing sequences of steps and reversing combinations. Students will attend the pre-point/pointe classes designed to build up ankle and foot strength while practicing movements they will eventually perform in pointe shoes. Students ready for pointe will start pointe work for 15 minutes at first to build up the correct use and coordination of the muscles. Students are ready for pointe as determined by a pointe shoe readiness assessment.

Pre-Pointe/Pointe Class

Adult Classes (Ages 14-Adult)

Taking regular ballet class is like exercising with a purpose. You are learning to dance! We offer adult classes starting at age 14. This is a full ballet technique class that includes barre, center and across-the-floor movements. The class provides an excellent full-body workout incorporating stretching and core work with ballet movements. Ballet technique integrates elements of strength and flexibility along with conditioning. Ballet promotes body awareness to improve your posture and balance with proper alignment. Adult dancers are able to modify movements and improve at their own pace. Please inform the teacher of any physical limitations you have. It is recommended you attend weekly for best results. Regular adult classes are offered all year and do not follow the academic calendar.

Why Choose Us

Ballet is a beautiful performing art greatly appreciated by those who learn the technique. It is important for students to enjoy class and improve at a reasonable pace. It is for the students’ success and safety that they are placed in the proper class level. Students are placed according to age and ability. They are encouraged to challenge themselves in a nurturing environment that teaches them patience, persistence, and pride in their accomplishments. Each student’s progress is reviewed individually and is determined by their performance, age, and attendance. The school’s ballet training istaught from a progressive syllabus, which means that more complicated movements are not taught until the student can perform basic movements correctly and is developing the proper coordination and strength. It is our goal to give every student the best possible foundation in ballet training so they will to be able to achieve their future dance goals not only in ballet, but other dance genres as well.

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